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Friendly Business Team

About Us!

Our Goal is to help small businesses have a smoother tax time and obtain other opportunities such as getting a loan, or an application for a grant by having and keeping the books in order.

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My name is Lula Carter

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Management and Accounting. My career began at Keesler Air Force Base as a Military Administrator. After I met and married my husband I transferred to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). I have been volunteering and doing taxes since 1984 between IRS and AARP.  So glad you have stopped by and can't wait to serve you!

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My name is Jyntel Tipton

I have a Bachelor's in Business and a minor in Accounting! I have worked doing bookkeeping, accounting & taxes within the last 15 years. Excited about adding bookkeeping "diploma' in August 2023, while preparing for my bookeeping certification. I have done accounting within the oil & gas, banking, eductional, and insurance industry. I am a married and a mother of 4 beautiful kids! We are so glad you are here!

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